Photos can only tell so much – hear what it feels like to wear Liminaire from these beautiful women.

Joan loans me her



Her ghost hands rest

on my shoulders.


Sister, take this


and wield it.


I am in the yellow night streets

of this city’s lowered eyes.

I walk with spangled armour

that tilts my chin up high.


Tintinnabulation follows.


I sashay song through Paris,

modern chainmail

draped over hidden wings.


I do not fear the dark.

I do not fear who follows.

I am haloed by the spirit

of the legendary Maiden.


Each step I take

shines in its wake

an immortal legacy.


I am my own church.

I do not kneel.


I wield.



Photo: Elly Freer


Wearing two Liminaire pieces was such an honor, and quite honestly, an experience I will cherish for many years to come. Both pieces, Jeanne d’Arc and Hélène de Troie, embody their namesakes incredibly well. Although the two pieces may seem similar at first glance, they moved me in very different ways.

I first wore Jeanne d’Arc in France. With the stunning shoulder caps adorning my skin I felt powerful and—to be completely honest—badass. When the light caught the plates of silver, the entire room lit up, with those around us in awe of her beauty.

My second experience with Jeanne was in the USA at a fashion show. So many people asked where the piece was from and expressed how incredible it was. I walked with my head high and shoulders back. I may be only 5’1”, but I felt as tall as the runway models that night. 

Photo: Ike and Tash

When I encountered Hélène de Troie, Eleni and I were simply playing around on a spontaneous photo shoot. Nonetheless, as the piece was lowered over my head onto my shoulders, I felt I was being crowned. This time, the powerful feeling was still there, but it was different. I felt elegant. I felt desirable. I felt what must have been a tiny fragment of what Helen of Troy feltas a woman so beautiful and so desired, that she triggered a war.

These pieces go beyond body jewelry. They make you feel how every woman wants to feel, and how every woman should feel in their lifetime: powerful, desirable, beautiful, confident, and more.

These incredible couture pieces—Jeanne d’Arc and Hélène de Troie—are indeed perfectly named.

Photo: Liminaire

The moment I put on this captivating piece of jewelry and work of art called Jeanne, I felt transformed. Suddenly, I wasn’t just a woman but a confident, daring, and sophisticated one. One who was empowered to take on the day’s challenges. I’d roam the city streets with Jeanne as my armor everyday if possible. Truly the best accessory one could desire.

Photo: Mark Jared Zufelt