I'm Eleni & this is Liminaire.

You may have noticed – there’s not a single ring, necklace or pair of earrings on offer here. 


I’m more interested in stretching the boundaries of what we consider jewellery. We have entire bodies to adorn! I want to show them off. I want to make designer pieces that invoke the most radiant, confident part of ourselves, and that means going beyond the traditional jewellery model.

a little bit about me:

I’m an Australian born, classically trained goldsmith who moved to Paris seven years ago. I’ve been making jewellery since I could thread beads on elastic. I’m fascinated by the transformative power that jewellery can have on its wearer, on what they channel. Since learning to work with precious metal, I’ve questioned what jewellery really is – how far the limits can be pushed, how far my craft can be taken. The result (or beginning) of this exploration is Liminaire.

Stories revealing the design and creative process. Posts on recent collaborations and sneak peeks of new pieces.

Where inspiration, mood boards, current obsessions and other visual material come together.

Making-of and behind-the-scenes videos. The craftsmanship and fabrication process is showcased here.