I’m so happy you’re here!

My pieces caught your eye, ergo you have good taste.

Perhaps brooches, rings and bracelets no longer inspire you.

You’re intrigued by more intimate, expressive, personal and evocative pieces.

Welcome to Liminaire—jewellery I create for people like you.

I believe you and your jewellery were meant to be creative—together.

Come on in…bienvenue!



Here are the facts.

All pieces are:

Handmade in Paris – by yours truly, at a cute vintage jewellers desk I found at this flea market (you should check it out if you’re ever in town)

Adaptable – which means they can be worn in not one, but several ways on different parts of the body

Non-traditional – you won’t find rings, brooches or bracelets here.

Limited edition – available for one month only

The highest quality – cleverly designed to maximise wearing possibilities, every single join is carefully welded closed to ensure that the piece can withstand any stress from use, and before I ship them out, they’re certified by the French Guarantee Office as being 950 silver (there, every piece is tested and hallmarked with a tiny goddess Minerva’s head).

Things that I actually wear myself – personal desire for an item has always been my drive to create.

Made to last – and last and last. You’re starting an heirloom collection when you buy a Liminaire piece.




I’ll just quickly introduce myself before sending you off to discover how it all works, my name is Eleni Coroneos and I’m the founder, designer and maker of Liminaire.

I’m not French, but I live here after having moved from my native Australia, where I studied gold & silversmithing, 4 years ago. Everyone always asks why I decided to come to Paris, and I can’t come up with a very concrete answer other than “why not?”. Also, croissants. No, truly, this is a very special place which is so dear to my heart, and I now have hundreds of concrete answers to why I want to stay.

Thanks so much for visiting! If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I’ll answer straight away, promise. Well, time zones permitting of course.

How about we connect on other platforms too? Instagram is my true love, you’ll find me hanging out over there a lot of the time, but I’d also love to meet you on Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter.

See you soon!